We are very proud of our hospital. For years we dreamed about expanding and improving our hospital – as of August, 2004, our dreams have become a reality. Please take a moment to browse through the online tour.
The Blue Exam room is named for the color of the floor tiles. It features a built in exam table, digital radiograph viewing station and access to the shared Kids’ Playroom.
Each room also has a drawer with treats and toys to help visits go more smoothly and be more enjoyable for every patient, client and our health care team!
The Kids’ Playroom features access from two exam rooms. With a table and chairs, beanbag, books, plenty of toys and a TV/DVD player, kids can play while parents talk with the veterinarian. With a sliding glass door and observation window, privacy is possible with full supervision.
Mercer Island Veterinary Clinic has an in-house laboratory and in-house pharmacy. Nearly all medications we prescribe are available right here in the clinic. In addition, we have a Catalyst and LaserCyte to run in-house bloodwork for rapid results. We can perform fecal analysis and cytology of skin, ears, tumors and other lesions as needed.
For laboratory needs that go beyond what we can perform in the clinic we send samples via courier to a complete reference lab twice a day. Results are generally available the next morning for routine tests, but may take a bit longer for pathology or other special testing.
Our radiography room features a new Summit X-ray machine and full digital radiography. That means we get instant images for review. Images can be sent to any exam room in the hospital, the surgery room and the main treatment area. In addition, images can be sent instantly to radiologists or any other DICOM or email recipient including pet owners. Pet owners are provided with CD images to take home as well.
Our spacious surgery suite includes a surgical table, surgeon’s scrub sink, high quality lighting and anesthetic units. Some notable features about our surgery suite:
Modern equipment including isoflurane vaporizers, multi-parameter Digicare monitor which tracks pulse, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, ECG, respirations, end-tidal CO2, blood pressure and temperature.
Direct access to the main Treatment Room and to Radiography
Observation window from the main Treatment Room
The White Exam room is named for its floor color. White Exam is perfect for larger dogs because the table folds up against the wall offering a large open floor area. It is also used for consults, admission and discharge and review of digital radiographs.