Are you considering a new pet, but aren’t sure where to start? We can help!

Pet selection consultation is available free of charge with Monique. Monique is a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Behavior, and has many years of experience matching people and pets for long happy lives. Simply call (206)232-0333 to set up an appointment.

Is there a new member of your family on the way? Congratulations! We’re here for you.

Puppies and Kittens, as well as any newly adopted adult pet, should visit us within 3 days of coming to your home. Schedule an appointment as soon as your schedule permits for us to meet your newest family member. Remember to bring plenty of delicious treats, so your new pet learns visiting the veterinary office is a positive experience.

Even if your puppy or kitten has been started on vaccinations with the breeder or shelter, a checkup with the veterinarian including a nose-to-tail examination and a stool sample evaluation is extremely important. Bring any records the breeder or shelter provides, so we can set up your new pet’s prevention visit plan. Most puppies and kittens will visit us several times throughout their youth. During these juvenile wellness visits, you’ll meet with one of our nursing staff of licensed veterinary technicians, have all of your questions answered, your pet will have a quick progress checkup, receive plenty of treats, and any necessary treatments such as vaccine boosters, a microchip, or blood tests.

Our team is ready and willing to discuss any questions you have. We love to educate families about preventive care, vaccinations, contagious diseases, parasites and parasite prevention, training and behavior, nutrition, dental wellness and preventing injuries, pet insurance, spaying and neutering, microchip identification, and so much more! Bring your questions, and we will happily enjoy answering them.