Mercer Island Veterinary Clinic’s team can help your pet recover after surgery, stay strong for sports, and maintain good strength and flexibility during aging. Our technician, Monique, has advanced training in rehabilitation modalities for pets. In addition, we have excellent relationships with area specialists when more complex rehabilitation planning is needed such as underwater treadmill therapy.

When your pet visits our hospital for rehabilitation appointments, we will evaluate your pet’s muscle condition and range of motion, talk with you about goals, and set up a conditioning plan. We have a full suite of equipment including cavalettis, balance disks, balance board, FitBones, large balance balls, blocks and donuts, graduated slip-free steps, peanuts, and more.

During your rehab appointment, make sure your pet is hungry and bring your favorite treats. We use treats to teach our patients the rehab exercises, and to reward them for participating. After your appointment, you’ll receive an email with a summary of the day’s findings, the exercises demonstrated, and your homework to work on with your pet until your next visit.

Rehabilitation is made much more successful when pets do daily small exercise sessions at home, so be ready to learn how to work with your dog or cat in between visits.